Our Team

James Scott – Sr.Editor
Email : james@healtheat.net
Phone No : +1 727-611-4218

James is an assistant editor for the Business sector at healtheat. He mainly focuses on the latest events happening in the global business industry. He has accomplished a master’s in Journalism and Mass Media. Apart from having an in-depth perspective of the Business sector, James likes to play guitar.

Christine Brooks – Editor
Email : christine@healtheat.net
Phone No : +1 727-611-4218

Christine loves watching at her cute white Persian cat while writing Science-related stories for healtheat. She often writes about deep-space missions, scientific breakthroughs, mars, and lunar landers, space agencies, aeronautical companies, etc. In his/her meantime, Christine enjoys watching romantic and horror movies, reading mysterious stories and playing video games.

Teresa Watson – Author and Contributor
Email: teresa@healtheat.net
Phone No : +1 727-611-4218

Being a tech-savvy person, Teresa writes articles for the Technology section. She covers every minute detail of the tech industry, including new devices, breakthroughs, etc. She often bulletins related to tech-giants like Google, Samsung, Amazon, Apple, and many more. While not writing on technology news, Teresa likes to watch web series over a tab.

Trisha Evans – Author and Contributor
Email: trisha@healtheat.net
Phone No : +1 727-611-4218

Trisha has the role of a content editor, who focuses on the Healthcare section at healtheat. she has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Arts with a specialization in public health. She loves everything that has a connection with infectious diseases, variety in healthcare, vaccines, etc. In the meantime, Trisha likes gardening and growing flowery plants.